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5 inspirational jewelry pieces to buy at Sembilan

Wearing inspirational jewelry becomes a fashion trend, and at Sembilan jewelry, we love combining fashion and meaning. Here is an introduction to our brand and our most popular items. Our jewelry pieces have been on the market for 4 years, and this is a real pleasure to read and hear how much our clients are happy to wear them.


Lucky ring

The Lucky ring is the first design launched by Sembilan jewelry in 2014. Anne, its founder, designed it for her, to send herself encouragements and positive vibes. As she was wearing it every day, luck and very positive events happened to her. The Lucky ring is a turquoise stone ring, the most famous item among our sterling silver jewelry line.


inspirational jewelry, lucky ring, turquoise stone ring

However, you will probably ask yourself what is unique with this ring, why do people love it so much?

It is probably because the Lucky ring has a design that is simple and intricate at the same time. Its size is perfect, not too small, not too big. While most of the turquoise stone rings are either very simple or very intricate, the Lucky ring is a mix of both. It is the kind of ring that women can wear at work, as well as for a more fancy occasion. Some girls will wear the Lucky ring by itself, and some others will need a ring on each of their fingers, this is a matter of taste.

Of course, the Lucky ring has more to offer than its appearance, and guess why? Because as inspirational jewelry, women wear it to feel good and surround themselves with positive vibes. The turquoise stone brings good fortune and super dynamic energy. As the turquoise is genuine, it is easy to feel the difference with a fake stone jewelry piece (some look good, but do you feel better when you wear them?).


Journey hoops

Another inspirational jewelry item that is very popular at Sembilan is the journey hoop earrings. For women who are crazy about sterling silver jewelry and hoops, they are the perfect pieces to wear to be trendy and unique at the same time.

Lots of girls have a crush for hoop earrings, so why not choosing an original design? Sembilan’s journey hoops are in sterling silver of course, and they have the particularity to be 100% handmade. Our silversmiths use silver wire to make the filigree.


inspirational jewelry, sterling silver jewelry


Also, the journey earrings, such as the Lucky ring, have a perfect size, not too big, not too small.

Full of positive vibes, they are meaningful such as the whole collection and make women travel to the beautiful island of Bali, where they are crafted.


Fulfillment pendant

For the ones who love nature and symbols, the Fulfillment pendant is a perfect match. It represents a tree of life, which is a very trendy item since the last few years.


inspirational jewelry, positive vibes

Like the other inspirational jewelry, the Fulfillment pendant is associated with the achievements one can do in life. Everyone can see a different meaning, in it, in general pretty deep.

The good thing about sterling silver jewelry is that they can match with so many styles and colors. The tree of life pendant looks great with any outfit, on a choker or a long necklace.


Passion ring

Who loves red color but doesn’t dare to wear it because too bright? In this case, wearing red accessories is a great option, it brings some sparks to all the neutral or dark colors.

Sembilan’s Passion ring is in silver and coral. Its stone has depth and stunning color. I love wearing it the days I feel I need to boost my energy. In this case, it looks great with a passion red nail polish, a red scarf or red shoes.


inspirational jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, positive vibes


As you know, the passion ring is full of positive vibes and also one of our most popular sterling silver jewelry items.  


Rebirth pendant

The last piece I want to introduce today is our Rebirth pendant, released at the end of 2017. This lotus flower pendant has known a real success since then.

It is the kind of necklace that you want to wear for any occasion; it looks beautiful with a casual or an elegant outfit.

The Rebirth pendant is in sterling silver, and you can choose your favorite stone between turquoise or rainbow moonstone. The turquoise stone looks fantastic with a low cut turquoise blue or green shirt.


inspirational jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, positive vibes


Of course, I don’t need anymore to say that it is an inspirational jewelry piece loaded with positive vibes. I called it Rebirth because I designed it when I was finding myself at the beginning of a new chapter. The lotus flower with seven petals symbolizes rebirth and openness. 


In conclusion, I am delighted to introduce you my jewelry line. Please feel free to visit Sembilan jewelry store and discover the whole collection. I hope my inspirational jewelry pieces will make you feel beautiful and self-confident, as it does for thousands of women around the world.

Have a beautiful day :)


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