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7 beautiful jewelry to purchase during summer sales

It’s summer, and the sun and heat are there! While you might already be wearing your bikini on a beautiful white sand beach or tanning in your garden, you also want to get the best deals to expand your wardrobe and personal accessory collection.

Here are 7 awesome, beautiful jewelry to get this week, at a discounted price (up to 40%). Those sterling silver jewelry pieces won't be renewed, so if you fall in love, go for them!


Elegance ring in sterling silver and mother of pearl

Mother of pearl Elegance ring is one of our very feminine and stylish jewelry items. This inspirational ring perfectly dresses the finger and creates a bubble of wellness and self-connection.

Mother of pearl is the shell of beauty and mother energy. This beautiful jewelry item will connect you to your emotions and wishes, a perfect activity while you are on vacation and have time to look after you.

Discover the Elegance ring, a meaningful jewelry item at discounted price.


meaningful jewelry, beautiful jewelry, sterling silver jewelry


Elegance ring in sterling silver and abalone 

It is another item that you don't want to miss out, in our meaningful jewelry collection. The Elegance abalone ring is mainly for women who look for more joy and happiness in their life. It doesn't mean that you don't already have it; it may mean that you maybe want to enjoy more what you have, see the bright side of situations rather than the dark one.

Elegance abalone ring is a beautiful jewelry piece and its shiny reflections are very uplifting. The blue green color makes a nice contrast with black or white outfits; I myself love wearing it with my favorite blue jeans, to stay in the same shades.

Enjoy now the 40% off deal on the Elegance abalone ring!


meaningful jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, beautiful jewelry


Elegance bracelet in sterling silver and mother of pearl

The Elegance bracelet is a sterling silver jewelry piece that, such as the Elegance ring, connects you to your inner self. As its name says it, it is an elegant and beautiful jewelry piece, looking amazing on tanned skin

The feminine energy that comes out of the bracelet is quite strong. You will love the mother of pearl aspect and sparkles.

Click here to a 40% off discount on the Elegance bracelet


meaningful jewelry, beautiful jewelry, sterling silver jewelry


Talisman pendant in sterling silver

The talisman pendant is a highly meaningful jewelry item, designed for people who want to feel reassured and protected. Lots of folks are afraid of evil eye or bad energies, and the talisman pendant creates this protection.

In reality, you are the one who creates it with your intention. But as we tend to forget about it, the talisman pendant acts as a reminder, tells you that you are strong and don't let yourself invade by energies that don't belong to you.

The talisman pendant represents a Hamsa symbol. It is a protective hand turn towards the ground; it brings protection and good-fortune to its wearer.

Shop now the Talisman pendant with a 30% discount


meaningful jewelry, beautiful jewelry, sterling silver jewelry


Elegance ring in sterling silver and blue coral

The Elegance blue coral ring has a real deep and bright blue color that reminds the ocean's depth. The coral stone has been colored in blue, letting its beautiful natural pattern stand out.

Coral is protective and brings good luck. The Elegance ring is fresh and reassuring. I most of the time wear it with green and purple colors.

Shop the Elegance ring and get a 40% Off


meaningful jewelry, beautiful jewelry, sterling silver jewelry


Beauty ring in sterling silver and amethyst

The beauty ring is a real nobel piece, designed for women who are seeking for more peace and spirituality into their life. If you are already spiritual and you are attracted to the Beauty ring, it is probably because you want to dig this path deeper, as you know there is something for you to find there.

In this case, the Beauty ring will send you a very profound message and tell you to listen and trust yourself.

It is a genuine, beautiful jewelry piece, set with an amethyst stone. The amethyst stone has the power to open you to your higher self. 

Discover the Beauty ring and get 40% Off


meaningful jewelry, beautiful jewelry, sterling silver jewelry


Fulfillment earrings in sterling silver 

The Fulfillment earrings are one of the sterling silver jewelry that I often wear, especially when I feel down or I doubt myself.

Worn with the Fulfillment pendant, they make an fantastic meaningful jewelry set

The earrings represent a tree of life, symbol of accomplishment and fulfillment

Shop the fulfillment earrings here at 30% off

meaningful jewelry, beautiful jewelry, sterling silver jewelry



I am super happy to offer a discount on those sterling silver jewelry pieces today, and I know that some beautiful women will enjoy them. As I won't be renewing the stock, grab them now if you like them. And think they will bring meaning to your life!

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