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How to attract good luck: 6 keys

Hi there, I am so thrilled to write an article about my favorite topic, good fortune! Since a few years I keep on working on it, and you know what? It works 😃
Here are secrets to attract good luck. Start them today, and you will see a change in your life within a few days or weeks.

how to attract good luck, positive mindset, good fortune symbols

A positive mindset

A positive mindset is your first and primary focus. If you think negatively and assumes that luck smiles to the others because they are more intelligent or beautiful than you are, you get wrong. A positive mindset is a key to attract everything you want into your life.

However, it is not that easy to stay optimistic all the time. Your partner has just dumped you, you lost your job, got sick, your pet passed away… it all sucks, and there are all the reasons for you to feel down.

But you know what? In each situation, there is a bright side. Just think that life confronts you to some of those challenges because there is something for you to learn, to let go.

Here is an article on how to keep a positive attitude, and 8 rituals to practice every day.

Be open

Positive mindset and openness go hand to hand. If you are positive but not open to new things, nothing will come to you. 

Openness requires one thing: getting out of your comfort zone and experiment with new ideas. You may judge them at first, but once you try them, you will quickly change your mind.

Assumptions can make you miss amazing experiences and maybe opportunities to build the life of your dreams: so if you are wondering how to attract good luck, never forget that this good fortune comes mainly from you.

One of the books that helped me the most over the last few years is the four agreements, from Don Miguel Ruiz.

Encourage yourself with good fortune symbols

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focus, especially when luck is not there. And get what you want can be challenging.

Some of those challenges will be difficult, and you will always need good fortune symbols to remind you how strong and lucky you are. 

Choose good fortune symbols that resonate with you; they don't need to be a famous symbol such as clover or horseshoe; once again be open and follow your intuition.

Sembilan jewelry’s range includes a lucky charm that also happens to be our best seller: the Lucky ring. Turquoise stones are good fortune symbols, and the ring's design is just gorgeous, plus the price very affordable. Discover it here.


good fortune symbols, positive mindset, how to attract good luck

Learn how to protect yourself

We all enjoy giving, but sometimes too much generosity can drag us down. No matter what, we first need to maintain our level of self-love and self-respect balanced; for that, it's important to stay protected against other people's negative energies.

That means mainly staying away from negative people, or set boundaries with them, and dedicate daily time for yourself.

Think big and universal

Today people feel trapped in their life and think more about paying the bills than building the life of their dreams. They seem to believe this type of life is impossible.

That's too bad because, in reality, the number of opportunities and solutions is infinite, and goes much beyond people's belief system. That's the power of life and universe. 

If we think about it, we are only one human being among 7 billion, living on one planet of one galaxy. We are so tiny, why assuming that life is limited to our little bubble?

The life we attract is the one we create. The more we have a positive mindset, the bigger we think, the bigger we get. Trust life, trust yourself and the universal power.

Set goals

First thing first, set goals and allow yourself to go far. If the goals are very high, create intermediate steps and a strategy that could lead you there.

Read here the ritual of goal settings.


So you’ve understood it, how to attract good luck comes mainly from you and your way to see life. Keep your positive mindset and let the magic happen; you will attract the right people and opportunities to you. And don't forget your good fortune symbols. 😀 

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