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Inspirational jewelry: How to make your choice?

It’s been a few years since inspirational jewelry appeared on the market. With their meanings and motivational goals, they exist in much different material, at all prices.

But what is precisely inspirational jewelry? Why do people need to wear jewelry pieces that encourage and give strength?

Here are some answers, as well as advice on how to choose right.


What do you need at the moment in your life?


When you choose an inspirational jewelry piece, the first question to ask yourself, is: why do I need it? What would I like to attract in my life?

Do you need more self-confidence to find a new job, start a new project, begin a new life, meet the man of your dreams?

All those questions are important because they will first make you clear with yourself.

And if you are clear with yourself, things will come to you more easily; having clear thoughts makes you attract the right things to you. Including the right meaningful jewelry pieces.

Take a look at our jewelry pieces with meanings: Lucky ring, Passion ring, Happiness ringFulfillment collection, Rebirth collection... 


Symbols, stones, names, words: what resonates with your emotions?


Once you have made your goal clear, it’s about choosing the inspirational jewelry piece that will resonate with your emotions.

As you will wear your item every day, at least in the beginning, it is essential that it profoundly speaks to you.

So, have you ever thought about what speaks to you? Do you have a favorite symbol? A birthstone? A stone color that you love? Or simply a name that says everything about you.

Sembilan jewelry offers a range of meaningful jewelry with symbols, stones, and specific names with an energy that is related to them. I am the founder and designer of Sembilan, and I created those items every time I needed to attract something specific to my life. I always designed them with a particular intention and a goal, and they still carry this energy today.

Take a look at our collections: turquoise stone jewelry, abalone jewelry, rainbow moonstone, lotus flower symbol, tree of life...

Once you have defined what speaks to you, you will feel more clear about what kind of jewelry piece to choose.


inspirational jewelry, meaningful jewelry


High quality for a durable item


There is more and more choice in the market of inspirational jewelry. It is about defining a budget for the item you would like to buy.

What can you afford? How important in your life is the goal you have defined?

Don’t forget that if you want to be able to wear your inspirational jewelry for a long time, you should pick a quality item that will be durable in time.

If you are a silver jewelry lover, you can find some quality items for a very affordable price. Sembilan’s collection is in sterling silver and natural stones, and all our meaningful jewelry pieces are made in Bali.

Check out our collection here


Color: take a color that you can match with everything


The color of your inspirational jewelry item is essential, especially if you want to wear it daily. It will have to match with your skin complexion, as well as with most of your outfits. If you are a blue lover, for example, you can choose a ring with a blue stone, such as our Lucky turquoise ring.

Moreover, colors have frequencies that will act on your mood. For example, blue color will be fresh and soothing, while red color will be more exciting.

Depending on what you need for this purchase, the color has its importance.


inspirational jewelry, meaningful jewelry


You need to feel comfortable with it


Last but not least, you need to feel comfortable and genuinely inspired by your inspirational jewelry.

No matter how motivational and meaningful it is supposed to be, you are the only one who will wear it.

So, once you have purchased your item, don’t hesitate to wear it at home first, and see how you feel. Is it sending you a message, do you feel good wearing it?

As an inspirational jewelry’s goal is to inspire people, how do you feel about it?



In conclusion, choosing inspirational jewelry is something very personal that is not only a matter of fashion. This fashion serves you and makes you feel better. So pick it carefully, and your jewelry piece will become your best companion.

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