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Positive attitude: 8 keys and rituals to keep it

Does it happen to you to have a very positive attitude one day, and the following day you don't think positive anymore? The positive attitude is something that should be worked on daily; here are 8 tips that will help you to keep it alive, and spend the most amazing day.


Love yourself 

positive attitude, think positive, self-confidence


The self-love and self-esteem are one of the essential components to stay self-confident. And who says self-confidence also says positive attitude.

Ritual for self-love

Write daily, in the morning before starting your activities, 3 things that you love about yourself.

For this exercise, use a notebook that will become your journal; write the date and make sure everything is understandable. If one day you forget, ensure you will do it the following day. A good reminder can be to leave your journal next to your bed or on your dining table, then you will remember as soon as you see it.

This ritual will gradually increase your self-confidence level.


Be grateful

Gratitude is the best way to attract what you want. The universe always hears the ones who are genuinely thankful for what they have.

Ritual for gratitude

Write daily, in the evening, 3 things you are grateful. It can be anything related to what you have in your life, or to what you have experienced during the day. Like for the previous ritual, you can write it in the same journal, and leave it in a place that you will remember.

Being grateful will always attract good spirits to you, and then more self-confidence. If you think positive, good things will happen.


Share your experience and listen to the others’

Many people tend to compare themselves to others, thinking the others' lives are better.

However, when they start talking about their experience, they realize that everybody goes through similar challenges, and have their way to process things. That’s why it is essential to be open, to share your experiences and fears, and listen to others’.

Sharing ritual

Connect yourself with a group of people you could talk to about your topic. E.g., women help women, beauty group, relationship community; you can join in real or on the internet (Facebook for example). Being able to talk, even laugh about your concerns, is a great way to keep your positive attitude alive.


Connect to nature

As much as the city is stressful, nature is incredibly calming and grounding. There is nothing healthier to be in communion with nature.

If you live near the ocean, the mountain, the lakes, or in the countryside, spend the time you need there. It can be a couple of hours, half a day, or the entire day. The goal is to feel calmer and in harmony with yourself.

However, if you live in a big city and the nature is not easy to reach, go to a public park, or plan to spend a weekend in the country.

Nature ritual

Create yourself a habit of spending at least a day per month in connexion with nature. It will help you cool down and think positive.


Wear meaningful jewelry and lucky charms

If you want to increase your motivation and self-confidence, there are plenty of items that could help you.

Inspiring and meaningful jewelry with symbols and gemstones, lucky charms, those are unique items that have a profound sense and special energy.

Meaningful ritual

Buy a meaningful item that resonates with your emotions, and wear it whenever you feel like it. If you don’t wear jewelry, you can just keep the piece with you (in your purse or your wallet).

positive attitude, think positive, self confidence


Write your dreams and make them goals

Have you noticed that when we are clear with ourselves, what we genuinely want comes to us more easily?

Dreams are most of the time achievable, but they may take a little bit of time to come true.

First of all, you need to convince yourself that you can achieve them.

Ritual for goals and dreams

In your journal, write your wishes at least once a week. Give as many details as possible, and read them regularly. By reading them, you will be surprised about the ones that came true. For the others, give yourself time, you will achieve them when you’re ready. Keep always your self-confidence alive, and they will happen.


Take a pet

A relationship with a pet is the most loving and genuine one. There is nothing more cheering than when your dog kisses your face, or when your cat plays with you. Some animals, such as birds, can also have an incredible personality.

Having a pet is a real way to keep your positive attitude daily. And whenever you feel sad, your pets will end up making you smile.

Tip to choose the right pet

If you don’t have a pet yet, choose one that would fit with your living conditions. You’ll fall in love with the right creature when you see it.


positive attitude, think positive, self-confidence

Connect with new people

Be open to the change, and new things will come to you. Connect with new people, wherever they are. Try to find individuals who share the same passions. Make sure first that those passions are coming from positive thoughts, and will pull you up rather than putting you down.


Set the goal, in your journal, of meeting a certain number of people every week or every month. If you think positive, you will attract the right people to you.


positive attitude, think positive, self-confidence



I hope those 8 keys will help you think positive. Habits and ritual are the ones that will keep those positive thoughts alive. Start them today, and you will feel soon incredibly happy!

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