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Red accessories: 10 ideas to be trendy

Do you know that using red color in your life is good to improve your passion and motivation? Red color represents Glamorous, fire, life, love, passion. Here are 10 ideas of red accessories that will add a juicy touch to your life.

Red stone jewelry

Red stone jewelry items are great meaningful fashion accessories. Try to choose genuine stones (red coral, garnet, red agate, red diamond…), to get more benefits. Indeed, each natural stone has healing properties that will affect your emotional balance and mindset.

Red stone jewelry pieces look lovely with neutral colors such as black, white, grey, beige. If you wear a lot of green and blue colors, red will create an energetic balance (green and red are on the opposite sides of the color range, and complete each other).

For example, our Passion ring is an inspirational jewelry item made out of sterling silver and red coral. The red color is bright and brings passionate vibes to the woman who wears it. Click here to discover the passion ring.

red color, red accessories, red stone jewelry


Red home accessories

Red couch, red candlesticks, red paintings, red armchairs, don’t hesitate to mix different shades of red. Because it is essential to feel comfy and in harmony at home, I like balancing dark and white colors with hot colors such as red, yellow and orange. 


red accessories, red color, red stone jewelry


Red flowers

Deep symbol of desire, love, and passion, receiving red flowers from a person transmits a message. Which red flowers do you prefer? My favorite ones are poppies, red hibiscus, and red roses.


Red lipstick

There is nothing more glamorous than wearing red lipstick. Blood red, cherry red, blush red, there will always be a red shade that fits with your skin complexion. If you tend to have pink or red cheeks, try to choose a lighter shade of red. If you have white or tanned skin, a deep and bright red will look fabulous on you.

red accessories, red color, red stone jewelry

Red nails

Who says red lipstick says also red nails. Glamorous and sexy, long red nails look amazing. My favorite association: red nail polish and black leather jacket. 

Try here some original nail designs.

red accessories, red color, red stone jewelry


Red shoes

Red shoes have this original and unique effect that will make your style very noticeable. Red boots, red high heels, red sneakers, patent leather… dare to wear red shoes that represent your fantasies.

Red scarfs

No matter if you choose plain or a mixed color red scarfs, a beautiful red scarf will always look outstanding. Silk, pashmina, mohair, wool, or polyester, beautiful scarves exist for all styles and all budgets.


Red coat

During winter we tend to wear a lot of dark colors. A red coat with black suit pants or a black skirt looks chic and very trendy.

red color, red accessories, red stone jewelry


Red electrical appliances

Now everything is trendy, even electrical appliances (vacuum cleaner, toasters…). Create a stylish home with accessories you will enjoy using.


Red phone cases

Phones, in addition to their useful features, are also stylish. Why not buying a red smartphone or a red phone case that you will change according to your mood?


Red food (tomatoes, cherries…)

Red foods are mainly fruits and veggies: cherries, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, beetroots, apples… Red foods are incredibly healthy; they contain antioxidants that are good for heart and blood circulation. So feel free to eat them and love them.


Red is a powerful color that will make you feel alive. If you don't have yet any red accessories, it's time to succumb :D

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