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My life-changing story: travels and silver hoop earrings

Hi there, are you enjoying summer and heat? I know that most people wait impatiently for this time of the year to travel! Time to make a break, to look after yourself, to open new doors.

I’m Anne, founder of Sembilan, and I design my beautiful jewelry collections every time I need something specific in my life. For example, travels are essential for me since 2011.

I created and designed silver hoop earrings called « Journey earrings ». And thanks to my motivational jewelry pieces, I really want to encourage women. How? By telling them that they are not alone, as we all go through similar phases.

Here is my story related to travels. I’m available to chat if you’d like to, just email me back!

Enjoy your lecture 🙂 


2011: when I decided to take a year break and travel by myself


If you’re wondering what’s the link between a beautiful jewelry piece and my life chapters, here is the answer: In 2011 I was a banking employee in Paris, France, and I was feeling horribly bored and depressed. 

I was 30 and nothing in my life excited me. I was doing my job only to pay the bills, I was single and didn’t meet the right partner; I had many friends but I always felt different. My childhood dreams were far away, and nothing had turned out the way I imagined.

At the beginning of the year 2011, I’ve decided it was time for me to do a big jump and get out of my comfort zone. My goal was to feel happy and in peace with myself. 

I took a deep breath, and… I quit my job and planned for a one year journey, on my own. In the beginning, people thought I was insane… and honestly, so did I. « What am I gonna do alone, where am I gonna go, am I gonna be able to find a job after that, OMG what did I do??? »… so many questions I didn’t have the answer for. But at the same time, I knew it was the right decision.

Of course, before leaving I read all kinds of books such as Eat, Pray, Love, that reassured me: I was not the only crazy one to do that!

You must still be wondering which link there is between my silver hoop earrings, my beautiful jewelry collection, and my life journey. Be patient, I’m gonna tell you 😄 


From Paris to Israel, to Thailand


On the 4th of September 2011, I packed my huge, brand new suitcase that I had bought for the occasion. I was not really the backpacker type, so I think my suitcase weighted something like 30 kg, which is insanely heavy. Hairdryer, iron, everything I needed was there, plus all my new dresses, beautiful jewelry items, and accessories. Then, the big smile I had on my face disappeared when in Israel I had to carry my luggage for 1 hour in the heat of the desert. Just wanted to get rid of the suitcase and get asap to my destination.

Once I reached my new apartment, I hoped that I would never have to leave and carry all that again. That became one of my first lessons: if you want to travel, travel light!


beautiful jewelry, motivational jewelry, silver hoop earrings


After 3 months in Israel, I went back to Paris to attend my grandma’s funerals. I was so sad she passed away, and I didn’t want to stay in France for too long and get depressed again.

That’s when I bought a single flight to Bangkok, Thailand. No hotel, no friends, only a flight to would bring me somewhere I had never been before. I was freaking out… but I had heard that Thailand was an easy place to travel, especially for women.


From Thailand to Bali


In Thailand, I went to Chiang Mai where I took Thai massage courses for nearly 8 weeks. I met a nice group of girlfriends there, French for most of them. All ages and all background, it was light and fun.


beautiful jewelry, motivational jewelry, silver hoop earrings


That’s in Chiang Mai, on the night market, that I purchased my first motivational jewelry piece. It was a beautiful pair of silver hoop earrings, on which was written: « I love my life ». I loved those earrings because they reminded me of this fabulous journey I had started; I was wearing them almost every day, they were helping me believe in me and in the choice I had made. 

After 3 months in Thailand, I was ready to start a new phase of my journey. Why not working on this anxiety that stops me enjoying my life 100%? 

Someone from my Thai massage course recommended the town of Ubud, in Bali. Like in Eat, Pray, Love!! Yay, I was so excited, and who knows, maybe like Elizabeth Gilbert I would meet there the man of my life!

I bought a new motivational jewelry piece, a bracelet with a sun and a moon. And I was ready to start my new phase.

Then I booked a single flight to Bali. And honestly, I had no idea that I would spend there the next 6 years 🙂 


My 6 years between Bali and France


In Bali, I met a wonderful yoga teacher called Kadek. Kadek is a Balinese man, and he’s wise and experienced. All I needed at this time!

What impressed me in Kadek is that he didn’t seem to understand the concept of anxiety; apparently, he had never felt any anxiety in his life. "Is it possible? » I asked myself? 


beautiful jewelry, motivational jewelry, silver hoop earrings


Then, after living there for a while, I realized that the Balinese were not attached to the past or to the future. They live only in the present. Anxiety generally appears because of a fear of the future, based on the past. It made sense to me that the proportion of anxious people was not as important as in western countries.

After 4 months in Bali, I was a different person! And I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to spend more time there and continue working on myself. To live there, I knew I would have to find either a job or to start my own activity. I explored the different options and followed the example of a friend, a Canadian school teacher, who had also quit her job, settled down in Bali, and started her clothing business. I thought « why not me? ».

And then Sembilan jewelry was born.

During those years I shared my life between Bali and Paris, where I promoted and sold my beautiful jewelry line and encouraged many women thanks to my experience and my positivity.


the Journey earrings: silver hoops earrings


Sembilan is motivational jewelry line that corresponds to the different phases I go through. 

I designed the Journey silver hoop earrings in 2015, on my way to visit my brother in Chicago, US.

This day I was inspired by my travel and looked back at all the beautiful travels I had made. I realized how important they were for me, and that I couldn’t live anymore without.


beautiful jewelry, motivational jewelry, silver hoop earrings


Traveling opened my mind and was life-changing. I had such a negative mindset and, within a few years, I became super positive. I understood that situations happen for a reason and now I ask myself the right questions: « how can I learn from this situation, and how can I grow through it? ». And I’ve never enjoyed life so much!

In 2017 I designed the « big journey earrings ». They are bigger and thicker than the first ones, and I really love them! I am a big fan of silver hoop earrings anyway :) 


beautiful jewelry, motivational jewelry, silver hoop earrings


To discover the journey earrings, click here

To shop the big journey hoops, click here


My new life in the Southern Hemisphere


I've started my year 2018 by spending 6 months in the Southern hemisphere, in Fiji island and New Zealand. I followed my heart and the man I fell in love with.

I’ll be moving to New Zealand in October and I'm very excited about it.

It will also be a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce my beautiful jewelry collection to kiwis. Like everywhere else in the world people need to believe in them and make steps toward happiness.

And if I did it, why not you?


beautiful jewelry, motivational jewelry, silver hoop earrings



So now you know my story, or a part of it at least 😄 I'm now the most positive person in the world and my beautiful jewelry collection helps thousands of women (including me) every day, to find their way and live their different chapters with confidence and peace.

If you feel inspired by my story, feel free to share your thoughts with me.


beautiful jewelry, motivational jewelry, silver hoop earrings

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