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Turquoise color : 3 good reasons to wear it

Are you a fan of dark and neutral colors, or on the opposite you love wearing and using bright and light colors?
Lots of people ignore that colors have an energy and a real impact on the mood.
One of my favorites is turquoise color; I find it extraordinarily reassuring, and I wear a lot of blue and green turquoise clothes and accessories.
Here are 3 good reasons to wear turquoise color.

It is refreshing and soothing

When I was a child, I always associated turquoise color with the ocean and exotic destinations. My mum knew I loved this color and bought me turquoise color outfits.
Later on, when I grew up, I started doing like the other teenagers and wore dark colors. Black, brown, grey, my wardrobe became dark and dull, and so did my mind.


It's when I was in my 30’s that I went back to turquoise color. I was then living in Bali, Indonesia, and couldn’t imagine myself wearing dark colors in such a beautiful and sunny background. I originally come from Paris, France, where the buildings, although they are stunning, are grey. And I was feeling depressed most of the time. However, in Bali, I started feeling happier and lighter than ever.

Turquoise is like water; it is cool, calming and soothing. It brings emotional clarity and helps balance the emotions. For people who don’t know in which direction to go, wearing turquoise blue will help to find their way.

Turquoise promotes self-consciousness, internal stability, intuition, love, and happiness.

Turquoise is associated with communication and peace of mind

The turquoise color also symbolizes communication and peace of mind.
As a highly balancing and spiritual color, turquoise will help the ones who are seeking new friendships and genuine relationships to meet the right people.

The turquoise color is a blend of blue and green. Blue is soothing and calming, while green is linked to growth and inner peace.
The yellow color (as the green is a blend of blue and yellow) adds a touch of joy and vitality.

Now, it’s about balancing the colors together. Wearing enough of a color will make a real change in your life, and even more if you are aware of it. On the opposite, too much of one color will also create an imbalance. For example, wearing too much turquoise can make you over controlling and fussy.

If you don’t really feel like wearing a turquoise coat or a turquoise dress, and that for you turquoise color is associated with summer, then you have the option to choose turquoise accessories.

Turquoise stone: the stone of good fortune and friendship

The turquoise stone is one of the most ancient gemstones, known for its power of sincerity, loyalty, and good fortune.

It has been used in ancient cultures (native American, south American, Chinese…) as a lucky charm. The turquoise stone is a loyal stone that absorbs the energies of the person who owns and wears it.

One of the best ways to wear turquoise stone is on jewelry pieces because they become intimate with you. A turquoise stone is good for communication and expression; wearing a turquoise pendant on the throat chakra will help to have a clear and confident speech.

At the same time, the turquoise stone is a real lucky charm and is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and spirituality. It is highly inspirational.

Turquoise stones come most of the time from US, South America, China, and Middle-East. One of the most sought for is the sleeping beauty from the US. Its turquoise color is bright and pure.

It is also known as one of the December birthstones.

In conclusion, wearing turquoise color appeases the restless minds and brings a lot of joy and serenity to people. When I am in a cold climate, I enjoy wearing black or white outfits, always with my turquoise stone jewelry, especially my Lucky ring and Rebirth pendant and earrings. It looks beautiful with a turquoise scarf, purse or hat.

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