Welcome to Sembilan Jewelry website! My name is Anne, and I’m the founder of Sembilan jewelry. Originally from France, I have been living abroad for over six years, including five years in Bali. Here is my story and how my Sembilan adventure started.

In 2011, after 9 years working in banking, I wasn’t satisfied with my life and I decided to take a year break and travel by myself. I stopped in Bali, Indonesia, in 2012, to study yoga and meditation. I felt so good there that I decided to stay. I set up a life between Bali and Paris that lasted for more than 5 years.

As I needed to feel self-confident to start this new life, I looked for gemstone jewelry. One day I was riding my scooter and stopped in front of a silver shop. I entered and asked the owner if he would made a specific design that I would give him; he accepted, and that’s how the Lucky ring, my first design, was born.

Over the years I designed different items, all with meanings, and sold them online. I also organized events in France, and this is how I met Lorene, my first Sembilan ambassador. She is now a wonderful business partner and represents Sembilan in Paris area. Nyoman, my jewelry maker, is located in a village called Celuk, in Bali. We have been working together for several years and built a trustful relationship.

Today, I love communicating with my clients and hear how much their jewelry help them in their daily life.

This October we launch 4 new items: Love ring, Foundation ring, Let go pendant and Expression pendant. They are all related to my personal path, and I hope they will resonate with many women around the world. We look forward to extending our team! If you are interested in being an ambassador for Sembilan, visit this page and send us a message.