Welcome to Sembilan jewelry website! My name is Anne, and I’m the founder of Sembilan jewelry. Originally from France, I have been living in the South hemisphere for over six years, including five years in Bali. Here is my story and how Sembilan adventure started, hope it will inspire you and make your day ☺


My sad life before Sembilan

As a child I had always dreamt about the adventurous and passionate life I would have. That is when I turned 30 that I had to face the truth: I wasn’t satisfied with my life. At this time I was a Parisian banking employee for 8 years, and I found it annoying. My love life was not happy. And although I had many friends and a comfortable existence on paper, I was feeling sad and depressed.

Also, while people around me had jobs they liked and were founding families, I couldn’t find any activity or experience that fulfilled me.

My problem is that I didn’t know how to see the bright side of a situation. I didn’t believe in me and was afraid of everything. 
As I was looking for who I genuinely was, I made one day a decision that changed my entire life.


How a journey can change everything

In 2011, I decided to get out of this state of constant negativity.

I took a sabbatical year and traveled to South East Asia by myself. I first decided to go to Bali to study yoga and meditation, and then I could n’t leave. By being on my own, I had no choice than getting out of my comfort zone and meet new people, be confronted with new situations. I realized that the life I had in Paris was very limited and that the possibilities were infinite.

The dream of living my life exactly the way I wanted suddenly seemed possible again.


I took control over my life by understanding and accepting myself

Over time, I learned how to understand myself, accept my emotions, and take control over my life.

As I always had been passionate about fashion, I started designing my own and unique jewelry pieces, using symbols and natural stones with a meaning that deeply resonated with me.


The Lucky ring : my first design

My first design was the Lucky ring. I needed some strength and self-confidence to attract more positive energy to me.

The great thing about Bali is that there are lots of talented silversmiths who can produce your designs.

I drew the lucky ring on a piece of paper, choosing the turquoise stone to match with my blue and green outfits. Then I took the drawing to a jewelry maker that I had met a couple of days before ; that's how the Lucky ring was born.

Once I had it on my finger, I never stopped wearing it. It made me feel full of optimism, motivation, strength. I had this fantastic feeling that I could achieve everything I wanted.


Sembilan jewelry was born

Positive energy, confidence, and good luck started happening. As I got lots of compliments about the lucky ring, I thought « maybe I should sell it and see what happens.»

I then opened stores on different online platforms, displaying a few designs, and… it worked! My Lucky ring quickly became a best-seller.
I had to find a name for my business, and I chose Sembilan jewelry. The word « Sembilan » means nine in indonesian language. As the jewels are crafted in Bali, I wanted an Indonesian name that would always remind where from it came.

And as I like everything to be meaningful, I chose the number nine. In numerology, nine symbolizes generosity, world vibrations, solidarity, humanism… that was matching perfectly with Sembilan.


The power of positive thoughts

I was so impressed with what self-confidence and positive thinking and attitude could do in my life ! I had never experienced it before, or had never been aware of it.

I also realized that it was not the lucky ring itself that attracted so many good spirits to me. It came first from the energy I had created in designing it, in encouraging myself, and the conviction I would be successful that resulted from it.

All this good fortune was coming from me, and wearing a jewelry piece called Lucky ring, with a turquoise stone that represents luck and had a profound symbolic sense, was a way for me to keep those great vibes alive, no matter what. We all have some ups and downs in life, and focusing on our goals is the key to success.

The Lucky ring has been with me for four years now, every day, during happy and sad days. It helped me believe in me and create my beautiful destiny.


A meaningful jewelry line

Since then, all my designs were inspired by my emotions, wishes, and dreams, always to encourage me in some different situation and life moments.

My last design launched at the end of 2017, is called Rebirth pendant. I noticed that my life was taking a turn. New people, new situations, a change was knocking at the door ; as afraid as I was of it, I had to accept and open myself to it. The Rebirth pendant represents a lotus flower with seven petals. I love flowers. The lotus resonates deeply with me because it symbolizes a beauty that never fades ; it blooms better with the time.

You can't imagine how happy I feel when my clients who bought it come to me say: "I've been wearing my pendant for several months and I feel amazing with it. I feel so confident in my new chapter! People also notice it at my neck and find it gorgeous and unique."

My mission

What I want to say to the women is that they are all beautiful and unique. What they hear or see around them about the beauty standards has nothing to do with their deep and inner beauty.

I created Sembilan jewelry for women to believe in themselves and their potential, as I struggled with that for so many years.

Each woman is exceptional, and that is what makes them beautiful and strong. Your lucky star is you, believe in it, that's my favorite quote.


Be an ambassador for Sembilan jewelry

In 2016 I recruited Lorène, my first ambassador in Paris, France. Her job consisted in promoting and selling the jewelry line among her friends' circle. She organized some private events at her place and her friends and relatives, and that was a real success.

Communicate together, spread the positive attitude, know that we all go through tricky situations, be able to name our emotions, and wear motivational jewelry items that remind us daily how strong and beautiful we are, everyone loved the concept. Lorène has created partnerships with French companies where she organizes workshops during lunch time.

We are recruiting worldwide new ambassadors who will spread beauty and positive vibes in women’s lives. If you are interested in joining the team, click this link.