Where are Sembilan jewelry pieces made?

Our pieces are made in Bali, Indonesia, in the village of Celuk. Celuk is a famous Balinese village that gathers most of the silversmiths of the island. The techniques they use come from very ancient knowledge and some of the jewelry pieces are 100% handmade. 

Which material are Sembilan jewelry pieces made?

All our pieces are made of sterling silver and natural stones, corals, and shells.

Where from do your materials come?

The silver comes from Indonesian mines. The shells and corals come from Indonesian beaches, and they are not alive when we pick them. Gemstones have different origins, our turquoises mainly come from China and US, while amethysts come from US, East Africa, and India.

How can jewelry pieces inspire and motivate me?

It’s mainly about understanding the philosophy behind it. First of all, if you are finding yourself in a moment of sadness or depression, you have first to want to feel better. Ups and downs are natural in life, and it is useful to experience downs, to be able to enjoy the ups. The jewelry pieces are going to appease you and make you feel uplifted, more confident, beautiful. That is what comes out from hundreds of customers who wear them.

Can stones really heal me?

Used and worn for thousands of years, genuine stones carry an energy that can improve your mental and emotional condition. Depending on your needs, they will help you to feel more peaceful and in harmony with yourself.

Feeling balanced and happy is the primary way to avoid illnesses and is necessary to anyone’s life foundation.

How long does shipping take?

If you choose regular shipping, delivery time takes 10-60 working days, depending on countries. It takes most of the time 2-3 weeks to Europe. To US and Canada, it can take longer. Please be patient and see the meaning behind all that: this jewelry piece is unique, and you will enjoy it even more if you wait for it to arrive.

If you choose the fast shipping, the delivery will take between 3 and 10 days, wherever you live. 

How to become an ambassador for your brand?

We will be glad to welcome new ambassadors among our team, please go to this page and fill the form, we will come back to you shortly.